ClarionLIVE!: Presidential Debate #1

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Clarion has been testing out some new software – CoverItLive – which allows reporters to live blog an event.  As our test run, Sponsor Daniel Mancoff, News Editor Rebecca Rusiecki, and Staff Reporter Lauren Grimaldi chatted live during the first Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in Denver.  While this was a pilot run for us and we didn’t open it live to an audience, please come visit and see how we covered the debate.  Did we see it the way you saw it?

Mancoff, Rusiecki, and Grimaldi are all self-disclosed liberals who entered the event supporting Obama.  The views expressed in the live blog are not the views of Riverside Brookfield High School, its administration, or the views of the Clarion as a news institution.

About the Writers
Rebecca Rusiecki, Editor in Chief

Rebecca Rusiecki is thrilled to begin her third year on the Clarion Staff. As Editor in Chief, Rebecca has big plans for the paper. She is a Senior and...

Lauren Grimaldi, News Editor

Lauren Grimaldi is very excited to spend her last of high school as an editor on Clarion. When she isn't writing superb news stories, she can be found...

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ClarionLIVE!: Presidential Debate #1