MAP: How to spend your Winter Break

Even though winter break is a huge relief, we all know the struggle of spending that time wisely. You can never decide if you should relax, or try to do something new. And what happened to all those things on your bucket list? Now that you have time for things, you can’t think of anything to do!

Click through Clarion’s interactive map to the Holiday break or scan the list below for ideas.


Try Something Exciting:

CPX Sports:

For something exciting to do with friends, CPX offers paintball! They have low impact if you’re nervous about it, and they have a group offer.  

IFly Chicago:

IFly Chicago is a unique adventure to try out this holiday season – indoor skydiving! It’s a bit pricey, but it seems like a worthwhile experience.

Lazer Quest:

If you’re into laser tag, you should definitely visit Lazer Quest over holiday break. It has opportunities to have a fun day with friends, or perhaps family that is visiting.

Mini Golf:

Mini golf is an activity frequently overlooked. In the rush of trying to find something unique and fun to do, lots of people overlook mini golf. Try it out over break – visit an old favorite course, or try a Putting Edge location, where they have glow in the dark mini golf to add a fun twist.


Eat Awesome Food:

Eataly Chicago:

Chicago’s annual market of Italian, high end food. There’s a variety of delicious restaurants, so you have a strong chance to find something you like.

Macy’s Walnut Room:

If you want a formal dining experience, you should find time to visit Macy’s Walnut Room. It’s a nice place to sit down and enjoy a meal after your hectic finals week.


Go Traditional:

Trip to Brookfield Zoo:

The Brookfield Zoo is bustling with activities during the holiday season. It’s a great opportunity to do something enjoyable with little siblings, or you can even take a trip for yourself. It’s easy to plan a day for yourself, or a day with family and friends.


The Christkindlmarket is an annual market featured on Washington Street in Chicago, and new this year in Oakbrook. It’s a traditional German-American experience and offers a chance to get some of your Christmas shopping done, and to enjoy some nice food and hot chocolate.

Ice skating:

Ice Skating is a must on your holiday activity list. There’s plenty of indoor rinks to venture to, or you can elevate your experience and go to Millennium Park to skate in the rink downtown.

Winter Wonderfest:

Winter Wonderfest is a great experience down at Navy Pier. During this time of year, Navy Pier transforms to a beautiful landscape embodying winter. There’s rides, ice skating, mini golf, and lots more, all while being surrounded by beautiful Christmas lights.


Hit the Arcade:

Dave and Busters:

Dave and Busters is a staple for video game lounges. They offer round the clock fun and have a huge variety of games and prizes to choose from.

Galloping Ghost:

A quiet arcade located in Brookfield with tons of classic video games, all offered for really reasonable pricing.


Visit a Gameworks location and have a fun day of hanging out playing games, enjoying delicious food, and having fun. Gameworks has a family friendly atmosphere, making it a candidate for a day of family fun.

Ignite Gaming Lounge:

Ignite Gaming Lounge in Chicago offers a relaxing day for all of the video game fanatics that want to hang out. They have high end gaming PCs and game systems, comfy chairs, and even offer food and drinks. Spend a day here over your break to unwind and dive into the world of gaming.


Want Something Else?

Stay at home:

Staying home doesn’t have to be boring. Pamper yourself, and if you want, make a fun day of shopping prior to this day of relaxation. Buy hot chocolate, popcorn, new slippers, or maybe even a fuzzy blanket. Rent movies and have a day to yourself cuddled on the couch and watching movies, releasing all of the stresses that have been pent up the last few weeks.

College Visits:

Use your free time to get ahead, and start checking out some colleges you may want to attend. College is scary enough, so it’s better to have the best idea you can about where you may go.