National options

From the first days a student steps within the halls of high school they ponder what life will be like post graduation. Will I go to college? Will I get a job? Will I get my own apartment? Will I provide for myself?

These are only a few of the many questions that are likely to pop into your head as you transition into the life ahead of you.

However one lesser known option lies with joining the military, notably the National Guard. Even though I myself am only a freshman, I am fully aware of the advantages the Guard can provide for you and what they do.

Even in our own community, their influence is evident. From the post in North Riverside to the farthest reaches of the United States, they help preserve peace and order in our communities.

The National Guard is also a provider of several opportunities for high school graduates. Whether they are from RB, LT, Morton West, Morton East, these opportunities are abundant and can give anyone a jump start in life.

One opportunity the National Guard provides to its guards is a chance to go to college. They pay up to seventy-five percent of a college education, whether it is Medical School, Forensic Science, Engineering, Teaching, and even Journalism.

The Guard also offers the opportunity to travel. This profession allows guard members to see and become familiar with the entire country.

The best part about the Guard however is that when you join you don’t have to stay in for life. You can serve for two, four, or six year terms of service. This option is typically for those who want to pursue dreams other than serving in the Guard.

The National Guard is a great choice for someone who may not have the same assets as everybody else (i.e. a scholarship of some sort), and can instill discipline, respect, and honor in anyone who decides to take that path.

For more information go to the National Guard web site.