Party crashers face federal charges

On Tuesday, November 24 two attention-seeking adults (Michaele and Tareq Salahi) crashed an invitation only dinner at the Whitehouse. Before being able to enter, the couple’s SUV was rejected at a secret service checkpoint.

The audacity of these two individuals is amazing, as they left their SUV and went to a non-vehicle checkpoint where they reportedly pressured the secret service agent at the gate into allowing them to enter. The agent was reportedly trying to keep the line moving because of the rainy weather. Once inside the Salahis roamed the Whitehouse party eventually getting close enough to touch the President and Vice President.

They ensured that they took many photos.  The secret service became aware of the incident only after the couple posted several photos on their Facebook page.

Currently two senators are pursuing criminal and federal charges against the couple.

Personally, I agree with these charges. The couple entered an event that had a very influential person who some people would like to see dead. They broke the law (a federal one no less) in order to reap self-benefits, all the while making a mockery of the United States secret service and military. These people showed disrespect for their President and their country.

I personally hope that these people get punished for what they have done. They committed a selfish and illegal act that not only affected Obama’s administration, but also harmed the country’s opinion of him. People before were just questioning his policies now however they question everything from his life to his security procedures.

People should pay less attention to Tiger Wood’s car crash (I do hope he will be okay), and concentrate on the Federal Law the Sahali’s so blatantly ignored.