Bradley’s (First!) Bargain of the Week

Welcome delightful readers! My name is Bradley Wilson and I am the Media Manager for the Clarion. In addition to being media manager, I enjoy playing tennis, taking quality photos, and of course, snabbing the latest bargains.

We’re all in high school, and many, like myself, can find themselves in a bit of a money crunch at times with everything going on in our lives, and probably not having too steady a source of income. That’s were this column can help you. I’m out to find the latest and greatest bargains for high school students and inform you all of the best deals out on the market today.

Every week, I will report to you the best deal I’ve found this current week. Deals could range from online websites, to in-store products, or even bargains at local restaurants. Feel free to leave comments if you’ve found a bargain that you would like to be written about, or if you have any questions about “Bradley’s Bargain of the Week”

Now that all that lengthy introduction stuff is aside, we can get right into the first bargain I’m bringing to the table. The basic format will be a slight introduction (what, where, how, etc.) of the bargain, then some further information and details about specifics of the bargain, and then on to why the particular bargain grabbed the top spot for the week.

Bargain: Shirt Woot

What: A website selling one new creative or funny t-shirt design every day.

Items Sold: T-Shirts

Price: $10 Dollars


Details and Specifics: is a website devoted to selling creative and funny t-shirts, all for only $10 a shirt. However this website is unique in the fact that it only sells one t-shirt design every day, and that design changes every day. No shirt is ever featured and sold two days in a row. The shirts are designed by various artists, and really vary in style. A very humorous, detailed description of the shirt of the day is also included on the main page. Shirts can be purchased in all sizes, however they are color specific. Multiple of the same design can also be purchased if your heart so desires, however shirts can sell out.

Why is my bargain of the week:

Many people enjoy having “trendy” and “cool” shirts, but don’t want to pay Abercrombie and Fitch prices for them. Shirt Woot is the perfect place to get that shirt without breaking the bank. Many store bought graphic or artsy t-shirts will cost way more than $10. The cool thing about this website is that all the shirts are incredibly unique, and you will almost be guaranteed to be the only one you ever see wearing it. I’ve only recently been introduced to this wonderful website, and have been checking back every day to see the “shirt of the day” since then. It’s quite an addicting website and most of the t-shirts are absolutely awesome!

This has been your first episode of “Bradley’s Bargain of the Week.” Check back next week to see what bargains I’ve found!