Bradley’s Bargain of the Week (March 7th-12th)

Welcome back delightful readers! Media Manager Bradley Wilson back again this week with another bargain for everyone to take advantage of!

This week’s bargain is a local gem! No ordering online, credit cards, or shipping and handling involved this week. Also, this week’s deal caters to those who love food and dessert (No pun intended).

Just as a reminder, or in case you missed last week’s bargain, the basic format of the article will be a slight introduction (what, where, how, etc…) of the bargain, then some further information and details about specifics of the bargain, and then why this particular bargain grabbed the top spot for the week.

Bargain: Free Pie Wednesdays

What: Free Pie! Who doesn’t love free pie?

When: All Wednesdays

Where: Baker’s Square

Items Sold: The entire regular menu

Price: Free-As much as you’d like to spend

Location Info:  The closest Baker’s Square to RB students would be the one on LaGrange Road. The fastest and easiest way to get to this restaurant is to take 1st Ave. south towards Ogden. Continue on 1st Ave. until you reach 47th street. Make a right onto 47th, and take that all the way until LaGrange Road. Make a left onto LaGrange Road, and Baker’s Square will be just a little ways up on your right.

Details and Specifics:

While most high school students have probably heard of free pie day, this is just to inform those who haven’t, or fill those in who may have only heard a rumor about it, and have never actually taken advantage. Basically, the deal is that if you go to Baker’s Square Restaurant on any Wednesday, you can get a piece of pie for free. You must purchase something, anything, from the main menu, to receive your free piece of pie.  Most students who attend free pie days semi-regularly will tell you just to buy a drink, and then snatch your free pie. However, I can be a witness to the fact that you do not have to buy anything to get free pie. I’m going to lay down the basics on how to get you some truly free pie.

  1. Be nice and respectful to your waitress or waiter. Spark up conversation, make the encounter personable.
  2. When he or she asks if you would like to be started off with anything to drink, kindly state that you would just like water tonight. (Water is free)
  3. Order your free pie!

One last thing to note is how the pie actually becomes free. When your waiter or waitress brings you the bill, do not be surprised if it has the price of pie on it. The pie’s cost is subtracted when you go up to the register to pay.

Why Free Pie Day at Baker’s Square is my bargain of the week:

Free Pie. Let me repeat those words, Free Pie. Who doesn’t like free pie? And if you don’t like pie, there is an option to get a free brownie with ice cream. The main thing that makes this deal spectacular is that it is completely and totally free. However, I would highly recommend actually buying food when you go to Baker’s Square, because the food is quite good. In addition to being able to enjoy delicious pie for little to no cost, Free Pie Wednesdays are a great time to just relax and hang with some friends! So next time you’re free on a Wednesday, grab a couple of friends and head over to Baker’s Square to get yourselves some scrumptious free pie.

This has been your second episode of “Bradley’s Bargain of the Week.” Check back next week to see what bargains I’ve found.