Senior Goodbye: Charlie Morrissey

Charlie Morrissey

I have been on the Clarion staff for three years, but I wasn’t even sure that I would join Clarion at all. My brother was on staff, so I knew about the Clarion because of him, but I didn’t really give it serious thought when I had to set up my schedule.

But then my Freshman English teacher Mrs. Cabaj, recommended that I write for the school newspaper the next year. I still wasn’t sure whether it was something I wanted to do, and a study hall looked more appealing at the moment. But she was insistent that it would be worth my while, and that I would have a good time on staff. So I went to my counselor and changed my schedule to include second period Clarion.

And after sophomore year, it was easy to pencil in Clarion each of the next two years because it was very enjoyable. I liked being on staff because it is a lot different than a traditional class at RB. You have the freedom to leave the class and get interviews at any point, and you can write pretty much any story that you please. Since I liked writing the stories as well, I’m glad that I joined Clarion.

It was definitely better than a study hall.