View from a former SEE teamer

Renee Miedlar and Danny Blackburn, Staff Reporters

SEE team has only been around for six years, but it had made a huge impact on those of us who decided to be a part of the program. The program is for freshman at RBHS who are interested in learning more about the environment. Instead of learning the regular curriculum, students learn to connect Math, Science and English to environmental themes. It has been a great opportunity for incoming freshman to try something different.

 SEE Team will no longer be available due to recent budget cuts.  There is no longer enough money to fund the program.

 In my opinion, SEE Team not only teaches students about current environmental issues or how important it is to respect our planet, but it also teaches teamwork and how important it is to respect one another. Students build strong relationships not only with the teachers, but also with the students. Freshman year is a crucial year in high school and having strong relationships with classmates and teachers makes a huge positive impact. It’s such a home like environment and it makes it so much easier to enjoy learning.

 “During my time in SEE team I meet a group of great people, and even greater teachers. I learned how to do new things and created opinions about myself and the environment,” said Danny Blackburn.

 Teachers Jame Holt, Dan Mancoff and Jen Waldock teach Science, English and Math while connecting environmental themes. There are 8 different themes that are taught over the course of the year such as interconnectedness, change, and diversity. In English different books are read such as Feed which is story showing how technology can take over and prevent us from seeing the real problems around us. A different book is read to represent each different theme. In science class students learn about the different plants and animal species that live in the area. Students also volunteer to clean up Baseball Woods and areas in the Zoo. 

 There are also many fieldtrips to the Zoo and many different projects throughout the year. Students volunteer downtown with Adopt a Beach which in an organization that help clean up beaches in Chicago.   Students also volunteer at scare which helps donate school supplies and used shoes to children that are in need. Other trips include waterfall glen, camping, fishing and Irons Oaks. The trips are great opportunities for students to have hands on learning. 

 “I loved SEE team so much. My favorite memory was going on a weekend camping trip with Mrs. Waldock and Mr. Holt. We spent the weekend away from everything and just having fun. I’m going to miss SEE team a lot,” said Julia Reyes.

 Unfortunately, the program has been cut but will definitely be missed by teachers and students. It’s an amazing experience for anyone looking for a nontraditional learning environment. It teaches you so much about environmental education and also about the importance of respect and hard work. The teachers went above and beyond to develop a quality program for students that have touched everyone that has been a part of it.