Sean Pruett-Jones

Sean Pruett-Jones, Staff Reporter

Sean Pruett-Jones is an old fashioned romantic whose two favorite things are commitment and changing himself. He loves long walks on the beach in the moonlight and lovely hikes through tranquil forests. He has flowing long hair, dashing facial hair, sparkling eyes, and a great sense of fashion. He listens to wonderful music that appeals to all sorts of different people. He plays the guitar beautifully, capable of serenading even the most avid music hater with his luscious melodies. He wants to go to the country of Sweden, his favorite country, for the lovely country, the beautiful language, and the great culture and food. He is very sociable on weekends and breaks.

Actually, Sean Pruett-Jones is Zoidberg. His two favorite things are Cheez-Its and horror movies. He loves long walks down aisles of Gamestop and hikes through mountains where he gets attacked by bears. His hair is not part of him, simply some hairy creature living on his scalp. His eyes are brown. His facial hair is patchy, messy, and absurd. He wears hawaiin shirts, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. He listens to metal. Death, Folk, Progressive, Industrial, Symphonic, Gothic, Neo-classical, Pirate, Power, Melodeath, Space, Black, Post, Epic, Djent, Pagan, Swamp, and Trance Metal. He chugs out heavy riffs on his guitar while his parents scream at him to turn it down. He wants to go Sweden because it is the multiverse of all metal bands like Falconer, Draconian, Vintersorg, Pain of Salvation, and Oddland. He spends his weekends getting fat on brownies and playing video games.

Sean can be reached at [email protected].

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Sean Pruett-Jones