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    FrankieOct 14, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Students find facebook addicting because it is an informal way of sharing information, that without it one would most likely not share.Facebook is a great way of sharing information without it being awkward. Some might argue it only brings forth unwarranted knowledge, nonetheless with it being so informal; information can be posted without feeling guilty. Facebook user might post a picture of themselves with their family that is aimed for their family members to view, without them necessarily expecting a respond like they would from an email. Sometimes when I receive pictures via email from my family I do not know what to respond, therefore I respond something cliché which could seem not sincere, though it is. Not being formal in some situations is best; with facebook that is a place you can send those messages.  Facebook is the best place to share knowledge when one has time on their hands. It can easily be seen most student because it can be the most affordable way to keep in touch. It is true people use it for connivance. Kreiss mentions she used it as a source to keep in contact with her friend in the United kingdom because talking over cell phones is too expensive. Other sources of communication have a high price, for simplicity and frugalness, facebook can be used. On the other hand,  Kreiss also say, “Every day after school, I go home, eat, do my homework, and go on Facebook. I would stay on the Internet, wandering around the world of Facebook for hours and I could never log off”. It can be inferred from that she goes on facebook when she is done with her primary priorities like homework. Not necessarily applying to the author, people will tend to go on Facebook when they have time on their hands. Facebook is just another form of entertainment. The article mentions that people will go on facebook to hear the latest gossip. Facebook has become a way to pass time because it does not usually provide something worthwhile that cannot be found on a more reliable source.

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    Connor SullivanOct 14, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    (This is for a class)
    Facebook is a horrible way to socialize. For one, nobody is their true self. A facebook profile is nothing but an image that someone portrays to others, whether purposely not. No one is going to post a picture of themselves that they don’t like, and in real life, people can’t choose how others see them or the mental image they have. Also, communicating through statuses and instant messaging removes the personal effect of communication, making what you say have less of an impact and therefore less important. When there’s a spark of gossip, Facebook is like a dried out forest soaked in gasoline, and you’re right in the middle of it. Of course, even I have a facebook, but that’s simply because it’s convenient. Everone wants to know what’s going on, but when you’re halfway through your gym partner’s cousin’s sophmore photo album, then that’s Facebook being taken way too far. In all, Facebook is not as much of a giant leap in mankind as it is just another way to think you’re actually comunnicating. And don’t trust the apps, they sell all your information to advertisers.

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