An insider’s addiction to Facebook

An insiders addiction to Facebook

Yep. This is it. MY Facebook homepage. Don’t you want to view it?

Lauren Kreiss, Staff Reporter

Like, Like, Like, those are the common clicks on Facebook. In a high school full of students, there are bound to be conversations about the teens’ increasing use of Facebook as an integral part of their social life. A high percentage of people have Facebook. But what causes these people to join this worldwide social network? I was determined to find out.

Every day after school, I go home, eat, do my homework, and go on Facebook. I would stay on the Internet, wandering around the world of Facebook for hours and I could never log off. This is a common habit for most teenagers who are addicted to Facebook like I am. But why are we so addicted to it?

Facebook is the perfect way to socialize with friend. If you have a friend that lives far away, what better way to instant message them. It’s just like talking in person but typed over a computer instead. I have a friend who lives in the United Kingdom. It is impossible to text throughout the day because of the long distance. So to make up for not being able to text, we chat over Facebook.

My problem about being on Facebook so much is reading everyone’s news feed. I read a funny status; of course I will have to like it.  I can find out where somebody is going, how somebody is feeling, what someone just did. I can basically find out what their plans are going to be by just going on my news feed.

But why do I read these status and comments? Is it because I am curious on what someone just did, or am I wondering why someone has so many likes on a status? Or do I just read it because it’s something to entertain me with?

Facebook is great ways to capture a moment and have my friends have a glimpse of that same moment. By creating photo albums, I can show your Facebook friends on how I spent my days. Photo Albums can show places where I went, what I did, and who I was with. Photo albums can show my status on my social life as well. Personally, I have just four albums on just my freshman year of high school. I like showing my friends what I did and what they missed out on for not being there. That’s what a lot of other teenagers like to do as well.

Facebook is also a great place to find any form of gossip. If there is a fight between friends, I just look at their wall for a few seconds and I can find their fights. If someone is going out, I just look at their relationship status. Facebook can show when they broke up too. This entertains me and that why I always check on my news feed for it. I know that I’m not the only one who does this too.

But the bad part about Facebook is that it’s also a great way to get negative gossip and information on a person. Someone can take a photo of a person they don’t like and Photoshop it in a negative way. If someone put up a scandalous picture, there will be conversations about it.  People can gossip about who someone socializes with, why they put up a certain status, if they look ugly in their default picture, and more. People can talk behind someone back in real life but pretend to be their friend on Facebook. This happens a lot and I experience this quit a few times.

What is very common on Facebook? Fake family list book. I can pretend to be married to my best guy friend and be my friend’s granddaughter on Facebook. But why do we do this? For entertainment of course! Can you have a nephew in real life if you don’t have siblings? No, but Facebook can allow you to have one.

Facebook is the new central entertainment for most people. Its how many people like to spend their free time and it’s a great way to socialize. A lot can happen on Facebook with just a click of a button.