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    SandraOct 16, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    The brand new student planners that Rb has distributed are easier to use, slightly bigger and much more sensible.

    It is to the best of my knowledge that the planners are designed to keep busy students organized and informed. Sure the new layout seems to only have 6 boxes to fill in for school (when we have 7 periods), but in case you havent noticed, there is actualy space around and outside the boxes. It doesn’t take much work to simply add an assignment to the side of your page. According to your articles photo, the subject had written outside of the box! There is so much empty and extra space in the notebook specially made to help the student add on some notes, comments and even assignments! What difference does a box make?

    According to the article Bad plan for planners, By Kate Alaks. The author states ”This year they have replaced those with word definitions of “nice” words. All these words are based on character counts and the six pillars. While that may seem like a good idea, the monotony of words like “generosity,” “equity,” “goodness,” and “civility” make me think of a subliminal mind control plot.” I think that the authors’ “conspiracy” assumption is simply unjustifiable. May I ask, what is so wrong about the words equity, goodness, and civility? And yes, these words are very much so associated with the pillars of character, which by the way, promotes Respect and acceptance, in other words, character. Whether it be encrypted “subliminally” or apparently on a school planner, the ultimate goal of rb is not to brain wash us, it’s to promote acceptance. Are you saying that you’re now against acceptance?
    Finally, an argument that stuck out to me was the fact that this new assignment notebook has made it harder to write down assignments simply due to the fact that hey aren’t written in the order of our classes through out the day. You are in high school, you if you think that the 6 boxes (which are, by the way out of order) is truly difficult, then simply do not use the assignment notebook.

    The new student planner that RB has distributed is not only smaller and compact, it makes it easier for students to write down what they need to, the notebook provided spaces above and along the page, if that’s too difficult for you then maybe you shouldn’t invest in an RB assignment notebook.

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