Freshman officers bring new ideas to SA

Freshman officers bring new ideas to SA

Freshman class officers take their oath of office.

Rebecca Rusiecki, Staff Reporter

The new Freshman Class Officers were sworn in to office on September 21, 2011. Freshman had the opportunity to vote and give speeches on September 19th. A total of twelve students ran for the six available positions.

 “I plan to show my leadership and voice my fellow students’ opinions,” said Class of 2015 President Robert Filec.

 The new class president Filec, Vice President Ugne Jurgaityte, Secretary Rebecca Fernandez, Treasurer Lana Herrmann, and Elected Officers Deanna Keen and Matt Sagan all plan to work hard for their class and the school as a whole.

 “I really want to talk to all of the Freshman and see what they like and dislike about the school to get a taste of what needs to be done,” said Class of 2015 Vice President Jugaityte.

 The primary responsibility of class officers is to lead their class and set an example for other students. They also fundraise and plan prom, as well as help with other school functions and charity events sponsored by the Student Association.

 “I plan to help the other class officers make good decisions and help the school,” said Elected Officer Sagan.

 “I plan to help the school and attend all SA functions,” said Elected Officer Keen.

 Class officers play a very important role in Student Association. They hold a higher level of responsibility within the club. “They are the main structure of SA. They can communicate with students and make sure they know what’s going on in the school. They run the main events,” said SA sponsor Ms. Angela Ziola.

 “I want to make everyone’s first year a good year,” said Class Secretary Fernandez.

  “I’ll try to make all SA activities as fun as possible,” said Treasurer Herrmann.

Many of the officers have had past leadership experience in student government throughout middle school. The class officers have already begun to support the RB community through preparing for Homecoming and planning new fundraising projects for their class.

 “I’m very excited about the interest. The officers are very active and already getting involved,” said Ziola.