SLIDESHOW: Prom 2012

Katie Maxwell

Prom 2012 was an evening full of romance, magic, and the city skyline.

Katie Maxwell, Media Editor

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Riverside Brookfield High School’s 2012 Prom was “A Black Tie Affair.”  Decked out in their best dresses, suits, and tuxedos, students boarded buses at the high school and then headed over to the River East Art Center for the festivities.  If you missed the event, capture some of the magic by taking a look at Clarion’s exclusive slideshow.

About the Writer
Katie Maxwell, Editor-in-Chief
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Katie Maxwell is baaaack! Once again, her enthusiasm is helping the paper to continually improve itself. But wait,there’s more! Katie is the new Cyborg Super Editor-in-Chief! Her untapped power over her minions has inspired her to concoct an EEEVIL plan to take over RBHS and eventually rule the world. But for now, she will be content with perfecting her diabolical plan, and of course, helping the Clarion Staff create a newspaper they can all feel accomplished about.

In her spare time, Katie can often be found hanging out with Mary Carole McGovern, her Best Buddy, reciting German poetry from memory through the hallways, promoting environmental literacy, or working at fundraisers and events related to NHS.

She can be contacted at [email protected]

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SLIDESHOW: Prom 2012