Jeffrey Krikie

Junior Sarah Ulanowicz loves blogging, reading, and sewing, amongst other hobbies.

Jeffrey Krikie, Staff Reporter

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Junior Sarah Ulanowicz is a smart, happy student here at RB . She takes several AP classes and enjoys doing many creative things such as, reading, writing, sewing, and blogging . Being a junior in high school with almost all AP classes isn’t easy .

When asked about her AP classes, she said, “Sometimes I get overloaded with homework and end up staying in over the weekend to finish it .”

Some of Ulanowicz’s goals are to get into a good collage, get a job, and get married . She is getting an early start in looking into colleges. As of right now, she is leaning toward the University of Iowa . Ulanowicz is thinking about becoming a History Teacher .

Unlike most students, Ulanowicz enjoys writing essays for class . She also writes stories for fun, and enjoys blogging . What does she blog about? She blogs about anime, movies, and sometimes just  about anything .

Ulanowicz reads just about as much as anything else she does . The book she is currently reading is Fatherland by Robert Harris . Fatherland is a book that explores what would have happened if the Nazi Germany army had won World War II . A great book series she read was Percy Jackson and the Olympians .

When asked about her relationships, she said, “What’s that?”

Finally, Ulanowicz loves to sew and draw . Things she sews include stuffed animals, scarves, and hats . She has sewn a lot of stuffed animals and winter clothing . She even uses her clothing on chilly days .

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