Kid Cudi the track by track

The Down Low

Kid Cudi exploded onto the music scene with his hit song “Day N’ Nite” on his first full length album Man on the Moon/ End of Day in February. The CD has garnered rave reviews from many outlets like Entertainment Weekly and USA Today and even this reviewer. This is his first mix tape (a digital album to garner buzz and hype for the real album) and it’s quite a trip with its depressing lyrics to its upbeat tempo.

The Tracks


Chitter chatter at a movie theatre, i’m not going to lie one of the more annoying intros I’ve ever heard

Down and Out-

This is one of Cudi’s best raps. He tells about his life it seems to be a preliminary Soundtrack 2 My Life and what I like about Kid Cudi is that he isn’t an everyday rapper. He tells sad stories about his father’s life and death and how hard it is growing up in a rough neighborhood.

Is There Any Love? –

I really like the sample music in the back but I’m not exactly enjoying Cudi’s rap. His beat is awesome but his lyrics not so much

CuDi Get-

The back round of a kid yelling and Cudi’s slick sounding lyrics mixed with his slower rapping style sounds great. This song is really great it tells a story and it also has some more gangster rap lyrics. Perfect mix

Man on the Moon-

This song has a sad tone like most of his music but this song also seems to speak of a more hopeful Cudi not the one who’s ready to die the one who’s ready to live.

The Prayer-

Another sad tone with happier lyrics, He feels he is here to revolutionize rap music. He doesn’t like the current music scene, so he’ going to change it. This song is very haunting but also very catchy. I like this one a lot.

Day N’ Nite-

Without a doubt his most catchy song on this album. Although it’s not his best rapping it’s some of if not the best singing. This auto-tune is growing on me.

Embrace the Martian-

A lot faster than his other songs. I don’t think he works best fast, his big hits and most catchy songs are slower paced. This song doesn’t really catch my attention.

Maui Wowie-

Another fast song but this time he handles himself better. His delivery seems to be more in sync with the music. This isn’t going to be a hit but it’s not exactly a terrible song.

50 Ways to Make a Record-

This doesn’t sound like a Kid Cudi song at all. It has an older beat and samples 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. His lyrics are good and his voice goes great with the beat and tempo. I really like this song especially the beat and he does have a good singing voice. I like this song


Slow, drumming beat with some laid back rhyme/singing is usually a good mix. This song is lacking though I enjoy it but it repeats the chorus way to many times the song is 2:03 long with only about 30 seconds of actual rap (which is not exactly great either). Disappointing especially after so many good songs in a row.

Pillow Talk-

I really enjoy this mix tape but his intros to songs take to long to start. This song really goes with whenever. The song has no rapping and is all sung by Kid Cudi. This song really doesn’t do anything for me but it is worth a listen to fill in the story of the rest of the album.

Save my Soul (The Cudi Confession) –

Although I can’t confirm this I think this song samples Gnarls Barkley’s hit Who’s Gonna Save My soul. The mix sounds great. Kid Cudi’s lyrics with Cee Lo’s smooth voice are great. I am a little disappointed with how much he raps I really think this song could have been a bigger hit than Day N’ Nite but the lyrics just don’t do it for me.

T.G.I.F. –

Real New York sounding. This song is not for me, if you like rappers like Ja Rule or Fat Joe you will like this song but I don’t like the beat although the lyrics do shine through.

Cudi Spazzin-

A very odd beat, sounds like the back round of an Audi commercial. I don’t really like the beat and quick delivery of his rhymes, although the chorus is catchy and more at my pace.

Cleveland is the Reason-

Very trippy beat, reminds me of a slowed down version of a Tech N9ne beat. This song has a catchy beat and some good lyrics but it lacks a little. I think it’s missing some of Kid Cudi’s sadder or at least heavier lyrics this seems like he’s just giving one long shout out to Cleveland.

Heaven at Nite-

This song is one of my favorites. The lyrics deal with a kids struggle with drugs, which he finds comfort in. The lyrics are deep but Cudi handles it in a good way. He doesn’t ruin the song by preaching but he doesn’t condone it either, he admits it’s the underbelly of the music industry.

Rollin Remix-

The beat and lyrics mix well, a very good ending to a very good mix.

The Final Say

There are several songs that I love to listen to on this mix tape but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its flaws. Some songs that stuck out as particularly disappointing are “Whenever” and “Pillow Talk” they’re garbage compared to the rest. He really showed his chops on this tape with songs like “CuDi Get” and “The Prayer”. I’d recommend downloading this whole mix tape and also if you like this I’d recommend purchasing Man on the Moon/End of Day.

Rating 8 out of 10