Michael Jackson: This is it?

Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009. His death saddened the whole world but I can’t help but remember all his good and bad times. Michael’s first big hits ABC and I Want You Back with his family band The Jackson 5 and that pushed him to the top quicker than imaginable.

After releasing many hit albums and dozens of number 1 singles Jackson fell into a world of controversy. Starting with dangling his son off a hotel balcony, His molestation charges which he was found innocent.

Then the news came that he was coming back to the stage, his first concert since 1997 HIStory World Tour. Tickets for events sold out minutes after they were announced. Then like a bombshell Michael was found dead in his home.

 This led everyone to wonder about the status of his death and what was to become of one of the biggest concerts of all time. The movie of his concert rehearsals was announced on August 10th but with a clause: the movie will be shown only for two weeks. This led many fans like myself to wonder why a movie that is going to be a big money maker only be in theaters for two weeks.

Sophomore Anthony Sacco expressed how most fans are feeling:  “I hope it gets extended because it’s going to be closure for fans worldwide.”

Closure is the key word and although Colombia Pictures have not yet said anything about a longer release they do promise that a comprehensive DVD will be released with outtakes and such.