A late night success

There always comes that time in the middle of the night where your hunger starts screaming at you, telling you to feed it. But at 1:00 in the morning you’re probably thinking about what restaurants are open at this time.

 Darcy Lynn’s Snack Shop in Lyons located on Ogden Ave. is the perfect diner to attend at any time throughout the night. Open 24 hours, the snack shop is always ready to serve. With so many choices on their menu, you have the option to eat a mean patty melt, French fries, chicken sandwich, onion rings, and much more. Whatever you end up choosing, you’re sure to  get an amazing breakfast.

A tradition carried on at this restaurant is writing on the dollar bills. After paying for your meal you have the option to write, decorate, or do whatever you want to do to your dollar bill which the staff will later hang up in the restaurant.

Darcy Lynn’s accomodates all numbers of people, whether you choose to go by yourself or with a group of friends.

Darcy Lynn’s is the perfect place to go and chow on some delicious food no mater what the time is. With a great atmosphere, food selection, and service the restaurant is a personal favorite of mine. 

Just last week a group of 10 of us were hungry in the middle of the night and went to the snack shop, ending the night with a great meal and making  it a late night success I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone looking for their own late night meal.