Top 10 Classic Games

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1. Pacman

What: Guide Pacman through mazes while eating dots, avoiding ghosts, eating fruit, and racking up a high score.

Why: There are no words to describe it. Play it and you’ll know what I mean.


2. Super Mario Bros.

What: Play as Mario and move from world to world while jumping gaps, avoiding the dreaded koopa turtles, defeating Bowser, all the while rescuing the princess. 

Why: Simply classic.


3. Tetris

What: Stack mis-shaped blocks neatly together to eliminate lines and earn a high score.

Why: It’s always good to get a mental sweat going.


4. Pokémon (Red/Blue)

What: Train Pokémon to reach super levels and earn badges to become a Pokémon master.

Why: Gotta catch ‘em all!

Where: Get the game for Game Boy color.

5. Pong

What: Simply play ping pong.

Why: First video game ever invented. You have to play it before you die.


6. Sonic the Hedgehog

What: Play as a hedgehog and collect coins all the while traveling at “supersonic” speeds.

Why: Who wouldn’t want to play as a hedgehog with superpowers?


7. Galaga

What: Control a spaceship and destroy insect-like enemies.

Why: Nothing like destroying space bugs.


8. Frogger

What: Become a frog and make your way across a busy street, floating logs, to find a lily pad to call home.

Why: It’s a good change to be a determined amphibian.


9. Asteroids

What: Control a spaceship and destroy the asteroids and spaceships that are flying at you.

Why: It’s the quintessential game for blowing stuff up.


10. Donkey Kong Country

What: Play as Donkey and Diddy Kong and travel across countries battling all sorts of creatures.

Why: Come on, controlling monkeys? You can’t beat that.

Where: Super Nintendo

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Top 10 Classic Games