It’s not all banana peels and whip cream pies: Cartoon Comedy reviews

Family Guy– After reading our very own Dear Marge, I realized that “Family Guy” was no longer the funniest show on TV. It has lost its original “we are not just The Simpsons” flair, especially after its revival. I have not personally laughed at the show in months. I believe the only way to fix this show is to have Seth Macfarlane work on it more. Create a good story and then add Family Guy irreverent humor. This is what people want to see, not just 30 second random gags.

The Simpsons– I find this show to be a lot better than the last few seasons, however the biggest problem is the lack of ideas after 20 years; maybe The Simpsons has just lost it. They just need a break. I say take the down time in between seasons and really concoct a great season. Do not focus on old characters and have less random episodes. I think ‘The Simpsons” movie was a good change. It showed that they are in fact still funny but they just need the time to concentrate and really get back to business.

South Park- I do not know how these guys work. They take current issues and turn them into a hilarious show the next week. I personally have laughed at every episode in recent memory, but that does not mean the writers do not have their flaws. “South Park” does not always need to be topical like Tiger Woods’ sex scandal or the legalization of marijuana in certain areas. I personally find that episodes based around characters like the hatred between Nathan and Jimmy or Towlies drug addiction can be funny now and it will be funny in a year. To stay funny, they need to be themselves and not news analysts.

The Boondocks– Aaron Macgruder’s comic strip turned into a cartoon on Adult Swim. The show deals with a lot of race and political issues, but handles it from several different angles. The young political activist, the ghetto kid, and the old grandfather show several sides on the issues. I really like this show but it has one big problem: its constant use of the N-word. It may be around in music and television, but there is absolutely no need for it to be the only word these characters udder. If they simply removed those words or replaced them, this show would be so much more enjoyable to a wider audience.

American Dad– Another one of Seth McFarlane’s many hits. I like this show, but I find my biggest problem with it lies in its characters, specifically Roger. He is a space alien who smokes, drinks and gets into some crazy adventures. This is funny, but when every single episode features a main plot about him seducing Francine, pooping out gold and diamonds or becoming a crooked cop. It becomes overdone. Take a break with Roger and go back to Stan and Steve’s relationship or even Klaus’ history. That is where the humor is and not in a stupid, crazy alien plot.

The Cleveland Show– This is one of the only shows that I have trouble finding any flaws in. There are occasional cut aways, but they work and the plot’s, albeit wild, almost always has a good story. I still say the show needs improvement with its background characters. I still don’t see the connections between them and the Browns. I also think the characters need much more development; show us a hint of the characters’ back story.