More tips for a spooktacular Halloween

Christine Vassos, Staff Reporter

Looking back, we high schoolers looked forward to Halloween as a fun and anticipated holiday.  It was a day when we could be someone else and dress-up in a costume to school, then go trick or treating with our friends and see who could collect the most Halloween candy, and end the night by eating our Halloween candy until we felt sick.  Even though we are in high school, Halloween should still be a fun day to celebrate Halloween.

Having trouble getting into the Halloween spirit?  Try out some of these holiday-themed jokes:

Q:What do ghosts eat for breakfast on Halloween?
A:Rice Creepies

Q:How do monsters tell their future?
A-They read their horrorscope

Q:What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?

 Q:What is a vampire’s favorite sport?

If you enjoyed those, visit this site to participate in a little more Halloween hilarity.

Hungry?  Here are some spooky and tasty Halloween treats you can make for any Halloween occasion…

Witches’ Hat

These witches’ hats are very quick to make and are very creative to make for Halloween parties.

Prep time: 15mins.   Total time: 15mins.     Servings: 32

32- Hershey’s kisses brand milk chocolates, unwrapped
1-Package of fudge-stripped shortbread cookies (32)
1-Tube of orange or red decorating icing

Put Hershey kiss on the chocolate side of the fudge stripped cookie with icing so it will stick, and then decorate with icing

Ghost Cookies
These ghost cookies are fast and easy to make, but very cute for any Halloween occasion.

Prep time: 45mins.     Total time: 45mins.     Servings: 18

1-Package of Bakers white chocolate
18-Nutter butter peanut butter cookie sandwiches
Decorating gels and/or assorted small candies

Microwave white chocolate for 1-1/2 minutes on high or until completely melted, then spread white chocolate on cookie, and decorate

Hope all these Halloween ideas and treats helped you to get inspired to get ready and celebrate Halloween; Even though you might be too old to go trick or treating, there are still many fun and spooky ways to get into the Halloween spirit.