SPORTS PREVIEW: Opening tournaments prep Boys soccer

SPORTS PREVIEW:  Opening tournaments prep Boys soccer

Candice Shelbrack, Design Editor

Starting the 23rd of August, Riverside Brookfield boys’ soccer season started with tournaments to get them warmed up. This year the Varsity is led by Head Coach Danny Makaric and Captains Jake Munoz, Jon Kingzette, and Ruben Chavez.

Overall the first home game was a success. The varsity soccer team won 4-2, with Junior Thomas Leary, Sophomore Quentin Dreilic, and senior Ruben Chavez all scoring goals. The sophomores also started their season with a win. The freshman team had their first game on Saturday the 3rd and also took a stand with a win.

By starting the season with a tournament, the varsity team hoped to prepare themselves for the season ahead. With a tough loss of an assistant coach due to budget cuts there has been newly added pressure to the coaches, but to their advantage they have returning alumni for support. Though the sophomores also had a bumpy start, the tournament may have turned the tide around. With the freshmen that have pulled up to help the sophomore team, they as a whole are working together to learn and improve for their upcoming varsity season.

The varsity team with the Leyden and Lemont Tournament has started with a 3-5 record, the sophomores started their season 2-4-1, and the freshmen are undefeated with a record of 2-0.

With the whole season ahead of them Coach Josh Bozeday said, “I think we will have a great season.”

Kingzette said, “After a rough start we’ve won our last three games so we are heading in hot to conference games. One thing about this year that gives our team an edge is how close the team is.”