Hockey team looking to break the ice this season

Matt Potts, Staff Reporter

RB’s hockey players are looking to have a great campaign this year and hoping to win a conference title.  Since RB hockey is a club team, rather than an official sport, our school’s players compete on a mixed team involving players from RB, Immaculate Conception, Guerin Prep, and Nazareth.  This kind of roster makes the team used to diversity, a plus because they need to play well in all situations and all the players need to be comfortable with one another if they want to win games.

The team’s record this year includes two wins and four losses.  The loss against the Spartans was particularly a heartbreaker as RB lost in a shootout.  Guerin Prep/Nazareth (as the team on which RB players compete is labeled) was led in scoring by RB sophomore Michael Helf, who had two goals on the night.  Others who scored included senior captain Phil Martyn, sophomore Matt Gale, and junior Pat Boniecki, who each had one goal.

Hockey is very important to everyone on the team including sophomore Michael Helf. After playing only four games, he already has five goals and two assists on the season.

Asked about his goals for the season, Helf said, “I hope we can come into the season and win games.  We just need to keep having confidence and playing with strength, together as a team.”

The last two games for Guerin Prep/Nazareth went well. On Friday, November 16th, they beat JCA by a score of 4-3. There was a bit of a rivalry going into the match up, so it was interesting seeing how the game played out and it was a physical affair.  On Saturday, the team was able to beat Kankakee by a score of 6-1. Those wins really helped out the momentum of the team and gave them positive energy after the games.

The next game is a rematch vs. Kankakee on November 25th at 6:00 p.m.