PREVIEW: Why do wrestlers wrestle?

PREVIEW: Why do wrestlers wrestle?

Wrestling is getting ready to start again. Why do they do it?

Jori Zobel, Staff Reporter

As winter approaches, so does a new season of wrestling.  Wrestling is not a sport you hear much about.  However, wrestling has big opportunities because wrestlers compete individually in weight classes. Instead of focusing as a team, you can focus more on yourself.  One must wonder, why wrestle?

Sophomore Andrew Misiorowski has been wrestling for two years. 

He said, “The reason I wrestle is because of football.” 

He uses the techniques and workout to his advantage, practicing for the football season.  Some techniques in wrestling are running and weight lifting.  It helps get the wrestlers in condition and stronger.

Misiorowski said, “I don’t play a more mainstream sport like basketball because I’m terrible at it.”

Junior Zach Regnier has other reasons. 

He said, “I wrestle because I like it.”

Regnier likes wrestling because it’s not like football.  He likes the individuality of the sport. This could explain why he doesn’t play a more mainstream sport. 

Regnier said, “I have been wrestling for six years, thanks to my brothers.  They got me into wrestling.”

Senior Tyler Torres became involved in wrestling through his brother as well.  Torres has been wrestling for four years.

Torres said, “I wrestle for my brother.  I look up to him.”

He also likes the contact wrestling has to offer. 

He said, “Of course I’m going to be on varsity this year; I have huge goals for the upcoming season.”

Wrestling Coach William Sisson said, “Different things attract kids to wrestling. Some kids wrestle because it’s something new and different, others because they want to stay in shape during the off season.”

The focus of the upcoming season is conditioning.  Wrestling keeps the kids fit and active, both physically and mentally.  Conditioning will help the wrestlers not only perform better but be better.  Being in a sport teaches kids how to interact with other people and work as a team.  Although when you wrestle you don’t wrestle as a team you still work as a team to give insight to other wrestlers.