Will Modern Warfare deliver?

How did you feel when you rappelled from a Black Hawk helicopter onto a freighter and stormed through the crew quarters? How about when you saved a downed “Cobra” gunship pilot and a nuclear bomb blew you right out of the sky? Or when you desperately tried to evade and destroy a “Hind” helicopter gunship as you sped down a Russian freeway? Well if you’re looking for that adrenaline pumped action once more, where else to look than the true successor to Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare Two.

Anyone who has ever played a Call of Duty game knows that the popular series is mainly about World War 2. Four out of the soon to be six installments of the series are based around the brave endeavors of the men who fought the heroic battles of Normandy, and more recently Okinawa and Pelileu. Anyone who enjoyed Call of Duty 4 knows that the long awaited sequel to the 2007 game of the year will be released on Nov. 11, 2009.

A lot of speculation has been going around the Internet as to what exactly the storyline is. What exactly happened to Soap MacTavish after eliminating Zakhaev? Did Captain Price pull through after your jeep crashes? Who were the mysterious SAS unit that skulked though that 747 airliner to save a hostage? All these questions and more will hopefully be answered in the next installment.

However new questions do arise by simply watching a teaser trailer. Recently fans of the series discovered that you will have to defend Washington D.C. from being destroyed, most likely toward the end of the game. Also gamers now know that civilians will be thrown into the mix, meaning now you will have to pick your targets wisely. Fans also know that Soap MacTavish does make a return as your Commanding Officer. Something rather unclear though is to what exactly the story has in store for us. Will we experience the same level of danger that we felt diving into Sgt. Paul Jackson’s boots for the first time? Will it be more emotional? Will you be the cause of this war?

The multiplayer has been under wraps, but it is clear that the perk system will be back. One notable new perk will be the ability to pilot an AC-130 Gunship and rain down on our foes. New weapons will also be available.

Modern Warfare Two is bound to meet criticism because of high expectations. However we will just have to wait until November 11 to see if it outdoes its predecessor or falls flat.