Super 8: Get in the know

George Suchy, Staff Reporter

Iron Man II is most likely to be one of the biggest money makers of the year and especially the summer. Much like Transformers was a few summers ago. That is why JJ Abrams, the producer and director of Lost, attached the teaser trailer for his first secret project, Cloverfield, to Transformers. He has done it again with his new teaser for his next upcoming project Super 8.

If you have not seen the trailer, it starts with a truck driving onto train tracks and suddenly the train comes and hits it. A giant explosion happens and the train quickly derails and flips over. The as the camera slowly pans over to the wreckage you hear an almost alien sounding scream as the camera quickly turns to black. The movie is reported to take place in 1979, when Super 8 video cameras where commonly used.

The movie is the first collaboration between Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams. It is supposedly a modern take on classic alien abduction films. Since Spielberg was at the helm of many of those movies I bet he will be able to give great ideas towards the movie.

The movie has been announced recently but the viral marketing has already started.  The first website which features an old computers codes and data. The website has many surprises but only a few have been found. I encourage everyone to navigate the page and try to find out more. I am pretty sure there will be many ore viral pages up soon but it takes the fans to find them.

Although this movie is still secretive and there is not a lot known, I have very high hopes for it. I can not wait to discover more secrets and hope everyone online will help uncover the truth about this film.