It’s Always “Funny” in Philadelphia

Its Always Funny in Philadelphia

Jason Flam, Web Editor

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia kicked off another season last Thursday on the FX Network. It’s the show’s sixth season following five years of great success. Arguably FX’s most notable sitcom, the show opened the new season with a humorous spin on gay marriage as “Mac” (Rob McElhenney) decides to fight against the cause after learning that his ex-lover has gotten married to another man.

Meanwhile, “Charlie” (Charlie Day) and “Frank” (Danny Devito) decide to elope after their financial situation gets them in trouble. They figure that they can receive more medical and financial benefits if they legally marry although neither of them is gay. Marriage seems to be the central theme in this opening episode as “Dennis” (Glenn Howerton) feels that he may have waited too long to tie the knot. Dennis feels compelled to find a wife, and subsequently calls up his old high school girlfriend to see if any of their old romance still exists. 

Dennis’ sister, “Dee” (Kaitlin Olson), tags along as Dennis’ love interest brings along her brother. It turns out that he has put on a few pounds since his teenage years and is no longer attractive.

This episode is unusual for the hit comedy show because unlike many of the episodes before it, this one leaves viewers on the edge of their seats after Dennis announces his marriage and then we see his quick displeasure over the situation just as the show comes to an end. This show continues to provide big laughs with its ridiculous storylines and over-the-top nature.

The season opener reminded us why we hate Mac so much, refreshed our memories on how conceited Dennis is, made us laugh at the odd nature of Frank and Charlie, and left us to continue to try and decide whether or not we think Dee is attractive.

You can watch the whole sixth season on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on FX.