The Office faces questions in new season

Charlie Morrissey, Sports Manager

One of the most popular comedy TV shows around is back for a seventh season on September 23. The Office has been making people laugh for six years, and the seventh season will continue to do the same. The premier of season seven begins at 8:00 on NBC. The first episode is titled “Nepotism” and is the first of 25 half-hour shows in the season.

Season seven is the most anticipated season for the Office because of Steve Carell, who plays boss Michael Scott. The entire cast is back for season seven, though that will not be true for the next season. Carell has announced that this will be his last season on the hit-comedy, and that somebody will have to replace him as regional manager of Dunder Mifflin. It is not clear who will replace Carell, but whoever does will have big shoes to fill.

Office fan and Senior John Schraidt is not optimistic about the change. “I’m upset because he’s a good actor.”

Many different actors have been rumored to be the boss to replace Carell, but there has not been any confirmation on any rumors. Some actors whose names have come up include Harvey Keitel, Danny McBride, Rhys Darby, and a far-fetched candidate, Will Ferrell. They will officially introduce the new boss on the last episode of season seven. There is also a possibility that a current character will replace Michael, but it is unlikely that Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is the one to replace Michael.

The Office is based off a British TV show also titled The Office. The American version has been more successful as it is looking at a minimum of eight seasons, whereas the British show only lasted two seasons.

Like most TV shows, there was hesitation by NBC to air the show at the beginning.  They thought it wasn’t funny enough and that the actors seemed to be trying too hard. But after six solid seasons it is obvious that their views have changed. Now, there is little doubt that the upcoming season will be a successful one.