What’s that on the Skyline?

Shawnn Hwang, Staff Reporter

Premiering on Friday, November 12th, Skyline promises to be the most promising sci-fi thriller of the year. From the effects team of Avatar and Iron Man 2, Skyline is expected to be one of the more extraordinary and eye catching.

 The setting is in Los Angeles where a group of friends wakes up from a party to find blue celestial lights pouring down from the skies. The trailer clip displays aliens invading Earth to wipe out humanity following closely in the footsteps of other alien sci-fi such as Independence Day.

Ultimately the cast consists of experienced actors: Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson and David Zayas, whom are all directed by the Strause Brothers (Eric and Greg Strause) who were both the visual supervisors of well known films such as Titanic and X-men Origins: Wolverine. We will all be anticipating this exciting movie to be released.