Insidious offers scary fun

Insidious offers scary fun

Julia Reyes, Staff Reporter

Are you looking for a thriller? Well, then Insidious is the movie for you. The film comes from the creators of Paranormal Activity and Saw.

In the film a typical suburban family becomes haunted while moving into a new home. The couple, Josh and Renai Lambert (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) are the parents of their three children Foster (Andrew Astor), Dalton (Ty Simpkins), and a new born daughter.

One day Dalton goes on an adventure through the new house and into the attic where he falls off a ladder and hits his head against the hard wood floor. The next day Dalton does not wake up from sleeping and is rushed to the hospital where doctors say he is in coma-like state but does not have any medical reason for going comatose.

Josh and Renai go through a long and haunted journey to figure out how to get their son back after realizing he is not in a coma at all. It turns out that Dalton has the capabilty to wander around a parallel spirit world with the dead and demons as he sleeps. Dalton had never been afraid to wander because he always thought they were just dreams, but now he has wandered too far and can’t get back to his physical body.

Insidious is a thrilling and heart racing film that will just about scare you to death. I think it was a great film and definetly one of the scariest I have seen in awhile. Make sure to watch it with some company and be prepared to not be able to sleep for several nights.