Who knew telekinesis was such a downer?

Who knew telekinesis was such a downer?

Robby Filec, A&E Manager

What would you do if you had the power to move objects with your mind? In Chronicle, three friends, Matt (Alex Russell) Andrew (Dane DeHaan) and Steve (Michael B. Jordan), attain telekinetic powers. What do they do with them?

Andrew lives with an alcoholic father and a cancer stricken mother. He has no friends and is constantly bullied and beaten by his father. He starts to film everything in his life. His cousin Matt, invites him to a party with the intent of getting Andrew some friends. Kids get mad at Andrew filming and he leaves. He is approached by Steve, a popular guy at school and Matt, because he has a camera. They go down a hole in the ground and find a glowing rock. They all get nosebleeds and the camera blacks out. It turns out they get telekinetic powers from the rock and get they each get a nosebleed if they use them too much. As their powers grow, they learn they can fly and have much fun in doing it. Andrew eventually becomes more popular as he uses his powers to show off. Then things go downhill as his fame reaches its peak.

I liked this movie for a few select reasons. First off, I am a huge superpower/superhero geek, so the topic of telekinesis in the movie is a plus. I feel there have never been movies about telekinetic powers. I guess the Force in Star Wars is like telekinesis, but all the other movies with superpowers are about people having super strength, like Captain America, Thor, or Spiderman. I also liked that while it was a sad movie, it actually made me grateful for all I’ve been given.

The thing I didn’t like was the way the movie was fimed. It was filmed in first person, from Andrew’s perspective. The camera used was kind of like a home movie, so the special effects actually looked real, which was kind of cool. I just didn’t like the way you never really see Andrew a lot.

Also, the plot wasn’t necessarily that good. Kids go in hole, find glowing rock, get superpowers, mess around, and then it goes bad. It was pretty much Andrew’s life as he uses his powers.

If you have nothing to do, watch this movie because it is entertaining, but I would recommend seeing The Hunger Games before you see Chronicle.

Now I have to go. My friends are asking me to bring a camera. They have found this rock that is glowing and pulsing in a hole in the ground…