Shocking season premiere of “The Walking Dead”

Shocking season premiere of The Walking Dead

Nick Cundari, Staff Reporter

After months of waiting, The Walking Dead is finally back! The nail-biting drama returned to us after a two day marathon, where every episode of the show was consecutively played. I must admit, I had a bad feeling this premiere would fall short of all the hype surrounding it. To my pleasure, it definitely did not.

The premiere opened with our survivors clearing out a house full of walkers after six months of evading a giant heard of the undead. I was particularly surprised by two things in this opening scene: the fact that Carl was no longer a defenseless child but a contributing member of the group, and the fact that not a single word was spoken in the first few minutes of the episode. The once gentle Carl is now part of what I would consider to be more or less of a task force. The group has transformed into a single being, operating together without any obstacles. This was evident in their swift clearing of the house at the start of the episode. The whole scene gave off the idea that although everyone is now working together, and there seems to be a lot of tension lingering in the group.

When the group was taking a pit stop on the side of the road, Daryl and Rick chose to go on a little patrol through the woods and found a large prison. It was soon decided that their plan was to clear out the prison and make it their new home. After two days, they were able to clear what seemed to be a recess area and a single cell block where they decided to take residence for the time being.

Our only glimpse of the mysterious character, Michone, was when she seemed to be caring for a rather sick Andrea; whom she had rescued at the end of Season two. The scene was short but gave the feeling that Andrea and Michone have been living day-to-day for the past six months.

The episode ended with one of the largest cliff-hangers of the entire show. As Rick leads the group through the hallways of the prison, two very unexpected things happen that cause your jaw to drop in disbelief.

I for one cannot wait until episode two, “Sick”, airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. on AMC.

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