“Walking Dead” midseason finale whets appetite for more

Walking Dead midseason finale whets appetite for more

Nick Cundari, Staff Reporter

The most compelling season of hit T.V. show The Walking Dead is already half over. After the midseason finale last weekend, many people are already starting to count down the days until the show returns in February. With so many deaths and new characters added on to the show, how can a viewer not want more?

In episode three, we were introduced to comic book characters Michonne and The Governor. Soon after, T-Dog, an original member of Rick Grimes’ group, sacrifices himself to save fellow companion Carol Peletier. In the same episode, Rick’s wife Lori gives birth to a healthy baby girl that is later named Judith. Unfortunately, Lori does not survive childbirth and dies in the basement of their new-found prison home.

Throughout the rest of the season, the world of the survivors is filled with violence and struggle that pushes nearly everyone to their own personal breaking points. After the death of his wife, Rick starts to lose his mind. He goes on a violent rampage that concludes with him talking into a dead phone with what he discovers are his fallen friends. After this bit of insanity, Rick manages to pull himself back into reality and lead his weary group once again.

While on a run for supplies, Glen and Maggie are captured by Daryl Dixon’s brother Merle, who had previously thought to have been dead. After being rescued by The Governor some time after season one, Merle quickly became the Governor’s right-hand man. After Michonne left the settlement of Woodbury, she was pursued by Merle and a group of “soldiers” from the town. After surviving a tough fight with Merle, Michonne witnesses the abduction and finds the prison where Rick’s group had been staying. While there, she explains the situation and the group decides to go on a rescue mission for Glen and Maggie.

Once the group arrives in Woodbury, a fierce battle breaks out. Although Glen and Maggie are rescued, the group lost two of their members. Oscar, one of the inmates found in the prison, was killed while trying to help his friends escape Woodbury. Luckily, Daryl Dixon is still alive; but for how long? The midseason finale ended with Daryl captured, in the middle of an angry mob of Woodbury residents. He is labeled a terrorist and is face to face with his brother, Merle, who he believed to be dead. What will happen to them next is a total mystery, but is an incredible cliff hanger for the next half of the season.

All of the episodes in the first half of season three were unlike any other previously aired episodes. The directors of each episode seemed to push the limits on what can be on T.V. and what cannot. I thought the special effects couldn’t get much better; to my enjoyment, they have. Special Effects director Greg Nicotero was able to make the zombies in the show so realistic, I would often forget that there were humans underneath all the makeup.

Along with great special effects, the storyline was incredible. At first I was a little weary of how the writers would be able to successfully pull off two separate groups in this season. Surprisingly, they did it very well and the results were millions of weekly views.

More than anything, the actors themselves played phenomenal roles. The transformation that Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) went through was incredible. From the first episode, where he still seemed to have a grip on life, to the mid and latter end of the first half of the season where he virtually lost his mind, Lincoln never missed a beat. Another great actor in this half of the season was Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) who became a fan favorite and very integral part of the series. Along with those two, Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes) acted out one of the greatest scenes in the show’s history when she died giving birth to her daughter.

A compelling story, incredible special effects, and fantastic acting all combined together to make the first half of season three purely amazing. I for one am losing my mind waiting for the series to return February 10th, 2013. Until then, I’ll probably be watching every recorded episode of the show I have one my DVR and making my own predictions for the rest of the season.