How I Met Your Mother: Weekend at Barney’s

Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

A lot has happened so far on this season on How I Met Your Mother.  We saw Barney’s over the top but touching proposal to Robin to which she, of course, said yes.  Most  recently, we saw Ted’s scary girlfriend Jeannette who is said to be the last woman he dates until he meets his future wife.

All in all this season has been just as good as the others so far, I would even go as far as to say that it is much better than last season, which has its hits and misses.

In the latest episode, named “Weekend at Barney’s” we find out that Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) hasn’t been as truthful to his finace Robin Sherbatsky (Colbie Smulders) as she would have hoped. Earlier in the season in a move orchestrated to get Robin to marry him, Barney burns his beloved ‘playbook’, a guide written by himself on how to get women by doing the most ridiculous things. However, it was revealed in this episode, that Barney in fact did not burn the book. We find this out, not because Barney wants to use it for his own benefit, but because his best friend Ted Mosbey (Josh Radnor) wants to move on from his over bearing girlfriend Jeanette.

When Robin finds out that Barney did not burn the playbook and that he’s been lying to her all of this time, she is very upset. I think her reaction is very reasonable considering the past relationship history between her and Barney. By the end of the episode they are back to normal, and the playbook gets destroyed for good this time.

While Ted is not my favorite character on the show, (my personal favorites are Marshall and Barney), I still feel for him when one of his many relationships go awry. His most recent relationship with the scary ‘overly- attached girlfriend-esque’ Jeannette (Abby Elliot) was perhaps his worst. I’m really not sure why Ted continued to date Jeanette when he found out how she had been stalking him for weeks and was extremely creepy thoughout the beginning of their relationship, but it made for some great comedy. By the end of this episode, Ted’s apartment is destoyed by Jeanette and they break up. Their break up not only made me happy because Ted will no longer be in danger, but because the narrator version of Ted (voiced by Bob Saget) has said that this is the last woman he dated before he met the future mother of his children.

It has also been said that Ted meets the mother at Barney and Robin’s wedding which is set to happen at the end of this season. I personally cannot wait because this is exactly what fans of the show have been waiting for during the past 8 seasons.

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