Snitch told me a lot

Snitch told me a lot

Robby Filec, Staff Reporter

What would you do to save a loved one from an awful future? Would you wrestle with certain death and a force so powerful the government is afraid of them? Then if that works, and the force doesn’t kill you or your family, would you go into hiding? Would you risk it all?

John Matthews, (Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock) does just that. His son Jason (Ravi Gafron) recieves drugs from a friend who set him up so his time in jail may be shorter due to certain laws. Matthews feels bad because he was never there for his son and decides he will do something about it because his time in jail could be at minimum ten years. Jason certainly would not last that long either. After brushes with small time drug dealers, Matthews decides to look deeper and get in contact with the cartels. He soon establishes a high rank with them, and he is also working with the government to catch the cartel. After he gets in deeper than he intended, Matthews must ask himself how he can help Jason if he cannot even help himself.

I thought Snitchwas a good movie for the most part. The one part that disappointed me the most was the fact that there wasn’t as much hand to hand action. I was walking in there with hopes of seeing  the Rock just annihlate some guys. Come on, this guy is a professional wrestler! Instead, in one of the scenes he gets laid flat by a couple of thugs. Even though that’s what the plot entailed, given his enormous size and fighting, it was just sad to see. There were definitely action scenes, but it was not your typical Dwayne Johnson fighting movie where fist fights and wrestling are a highlight.

I really enjoyed the plot of the movie however. It was pretty well put together. You had to think about what he was going to do, like when he was setting up different drug deals and who he was talking to. It was also interesting to see how the deals work, and how the cartels use people who help them a lot and then get rid of them. It was also informative to know the laws on drug selling. Of course I will never have to worry about getting caught for selling drugs, it is still useful to know what laws are what however. It was also gratifying that, while this is based off of sad but true events, the father went to such great lengths for his son and would risk his life for him. That is what love is.

I walked out of the theater thinking that a father’s love for his son is incredibly powerful, and that the lack of action in this movie wasn’t a terrible thing.

I would give Snitch a 7 out of 10.