The Office: AARM

The Office: AARM

Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

The second to last episode of The Office was almost perfect.

As a long time fan of the show, I’d have to say that I am beyond happy with the way the writers have decided to finish up the series.

However, I did say that this episode was almost perfect.

That is because when Andy (Ed Helms) went on his audition for an American Idol-esque reality show, he failed miserably. Andy is generally one of the less popular characters among fans, but he seems to be the only one not getting a happy ending.

All of that aside, this episode was amazing. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

To start off, as I predicted, Angela and Dwight are engaged. As Jim said, “You love Angela, Dwight. I think you always have.”

That quote really resonated with me. Throughout all nine seasons, I have been dying for Angela and Dwight to get together. Now that they finally are it really feels like the series can end on a high note.

Secondly, after basically begging Jim to return to Philly out of guilt for ruining his dream, Pam learned that she means more to Jim than some silly job.

Jim proved to Pam that she was everything by having the documentary crew produce a montage of clips from their relationship. The clips ended with Jim’s gift to Pam in the first Christmas episode. In addition to the gift, Jim had written a note to Pam confessing his feelings. At the time, however, she was still engaged to Roy and Jim chickened out at the last moment and didn’t give her the note.

Now, a normal person would have thrown the note away, especially after all of these years, but not Jim Halpert who is perhaps one of the best television characters around today. He kept the note because he knew she would have a day where she needed reassurance of his love.

The last episode of the Office will air on May 16th and will undoubtedly make me cry.