The Office: Living the dream


Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

‘The Office’ is coming to a close on May 16. Up until now, it hasn’t seemed like the show has been aware of its imminent end. However, with the latest episode it defintely seems like its prepping for conclusion.

It seems as if the writers are going with the ‘everyone gets everything they’ve always wanted’ ending.

With Dwight (finally) becoming regional manager, and Andy leaving Dunder Mifflin to pursue his dream of acting, every character seems to be getting their own happy conclusion.

Dwight finally getting his dream job was a great moment for the show. The look of pure happiness on his face showed how much he wanted this and really made me very happy. In addition to his reunion with Angela, this is what I wanted for him. While him and Angela are still not together, I really do think (and hope) that they will end up getting married by the finale.

Andy finally pursuing his dream is also a very great moment for the show. Ed Helms always does a great job at portraying Andy; and when he sang ‘I Will Remember You’ as a way of saying goodbye to his co workers it was a very emotional moment and really let the idea of the show ending sink in.

Developments in the relationship between Jim and Pam have continued to be positive. Jim has taken time off of his job in Philly and now says that his marriage is the only thing that matters. While I feel bad that Jim has to give up his dream job, this is the best way for them to have a happy ending.

Stay tuned for more reviews! There are only two more episodes left before the series finale.