How I Met Your Mother: Something old and something new

Ron P. Jaffe

Ron P. Jaffe

Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

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The latest episode of How I Met Your Mother centered mainly around Robin trying to find a necklace she planted in Central Park when she was a little girl for her to discover before her wedding day.

However, she never did find that necklace. Is this a sign that marrying Barney is a mistake?

That is what Robin thinks, until Ted calms her down and tells her she’s making the right decision.

But is Ted right?

Barney and Robin have always loved one another, but is Barney’s lifestyle just not cut out for marriage?

I personally don’t think this is the case. Since Season 1, Barney has matured into a caring fiance. He loves Robin, and I’m sure he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her now that he finally has her.

Also, I don’t think it’d be a smart idea for the writers to break off their marriage just as soon as they got engaged. It’d be hurtful to their die hard fans and would make this entire season a waste of time.

In the next episode Something New, the mother of Ted’s children was finally revealed.

This wrapped up for the season for the show, but I was left feeling a little disapointed. I mean, they are really dragging this out. Ted didn’t even talk to his future wife yet. The only thing that happened was a woman with that famous yellow umbrella was seen going to Barney and Robin’s wedding. That’s it. The screen cut to black and we were left waiting for the next season to start.

That was a great cliff hanger, but we’ve been waiting for this moment for eight years. I mean, we could have at least seen Ted talking to her.

Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait until next season.

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How I Met Your Mother: Something old and something new