Saying goodbye to “The Office”

Saying goodbye to The Office

Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

The Office has closed its doors. That’s it. It’s over. And by it, I mean my life. You may think I’m being a little bit over-dramatic here (and maybe I am) but this show has consumed the past five years of my life. I joined the show’s fandom when I was twelve years old and I still love it today at seventeen.

This finale was perfect. It had everything. Every  character got their happy ending (well, except for Creed who is now in prison…but who didn’t see that one coming?)

In addition to Erin finding her birth parents, Andy finally being content with his life, and Jim and Pam moving to Austin for Athleap, the show had what was perhaps its most exciting moment ever…the return of Michael Scott!

Jim, Dwight’s best man, revealed that by tradition the best man must be older than the groom.

We all knew what was going to happen next, the camera turned and there he was in the flesh Michael Gary Scott, perhaps one of the funniest tv characters ever.

It was later revealed that Michael has so many pictures of his kids (plural!) that he needs two phones and he finally has that family plan that he’s wanted since early in the series.

After screaming from the return of my favorite character, I cried a lot (…don’t judge me) but it really made the show seem complete. Steve Carell was such a large part of the show and his quiet return was perfect. Carell has always been one of my favorite actors and always will be. He is said to be one of the nicest people in the business, and his talent in both comedic and dramatic roles really make him a household name.

When the final scene ended, I realized that I had just said goodbye to a show that made me who I am today. It has helped me through the death of my Nana and basically every other hardship in my life. It makes me feel better when everything else is not going my way, it has taught me a lot about life, love, and how not to judge anyone based on how they act. If I ever meet a cast member, writer, or producer I’m just going to say thank you for this. And while the show will never air a new epsiode again, I know when things are bad I will always be able turn to my friends at The Office.