I’ll wear white if I want to

As of September 6th, people all over America are no longer able to wear white. This has been a tradition carried on since the 1920’s. The rule has gotten less strict as time has gone on, but it hasn’t disappeared. There has been debate as to whether this “rule” should still be followed, and my vote is to forget about it.

No white after Labor Day was a way to try and get parts of America to become classier. It was okay to wear white during the summer because that is when many people got to relax, but as soon as Labor D ay happened, it was a way of telling people they need to get back to work/school. Wearing white meant a “no drab life”, and not wearing white after Labor Day was once again a way to realize the “fun in the sun” days were over.

Every rule has exceptions and the Labor Day rule is no different. The rule used to only apply to dress shoes and pumps, but later applied to all white clothes. Not wearing white dress shoes in the middle of winter makes sense, but not being able to wear anything else white does not.

The rule was later changed so that people could now wear “winter white” which was any article of clothing that was cream or an off white. Brides on the other hand, are the exception. They can wear ANY type of white they want.

It is 2010 and I think it is about time we drop this ridiculous rule. We are not in the 1920’s anymore and if someone wants to wear white the first Tuesday of the month, let them. Tradition is nice, but this is just crazy. Wearing a long sleeve white shirt in the middle of winter does not making you “unfashionable”. It is an article of clothing that just so happens to match the snow on the ground.

I say we forget about this rule and focus on something a little more important. Something like not allowing people to wear jeggings…