SEASON PREVIEW: Departing stars, new coaches in golf

Jori Zobel, Staff Reporter

Boys Golf 4-2 to start the year despite losing Strnad

Although the Boys Golf team season has just started, Tyler Campbell, new to the team this year, hopes this year’s team will go far. 

Campbell said, “There are so many kids this year, and with Mr. Rocco as a coach, the team will have a good experience.”

Keeping practice fun is beneficial to the golfers as well.  Campbell said, “Mr. Rocco isn’t too hard. He teaches us the game of golf through fun activities.” 

Justin Stanislaw, who has been on the team for two years now, is looking forward to the rest of the season.  This season he hopes to be named Athlete of the Week.

The team’s goal this year is to be above .500 and to make it to regionals.  So far the Boys Golf team is 4-2. They started off rough but have managed a winning record.

Last year’s team had a great season, going to regionals and sectionals.  A great loss to the team this year is graduate Kris Strnad.  A key returning player to look out for this year is senior Jack Kemper.  

Coach Dughetti heads up new-look Girls Golf

Girls Golf has new additions to the team as well.  Stepping up this year will be seniors Natalie Jimenez and Kelsey Stirek, and junior Gina Minella to replace the loss of last year’s captain Taylor Dalton and teammate Ellie Hutchinson. 

This is Minella’s second year of golf at RB.  She said, “So far this season has a rough start, but we’re picking up quickly.” 

Last year’s Golf team had a rough season with some improvements along the way.  They placed 6th in regionals as well. 

The difference between this year’s team and last year’s team has been quicker improvement from the freshmen.  With a new coach this year, the girls had to adjust to the change. 

Minella said, “Without Mrs. Panek it’s different, but we learn things from Mr. Dughetti that we haven’t learned from Mrs. Panek.” 

Not only being a Science teacher and assistant dean, Neil Dughetti is also the Girls Golf coach as well.  He not only coaches golf, but also loves to play golf.

Dughetti said,” Some people say I am addicted to golf. I like to say ‘obsessed.’  I continually play on weekends, in my backyard, and anywhere I can swing a club.”

Dughetti was the Boys Sophomore coach last year and the change hasn’t been different for him. 

He said, “I really enjoy coaching Girls Golf. Coaching the girls is so much fun.  These girls have so much energy and school spirit that it makes coaching enjoyable.  The team is doing great; they are improving every round they play.”

Golf is a difficult sport, it takes time and concentration.  Dughetti said the team goals this year are to “continue to improve and never settle on your last round.”