Botched call drops cheerleaders from State

Ethan Gallegos, Design Editor

Cheerleading finished its competitive season with a disappointing loss at sectionals. They placed 6th, just one place short from advancing to state. This is not a feeling the cheerleaders are used to feeling, but they still looked at the positive. 

Senior and Co-captain Rachel Konopacz said, “We’re upset but we’re still happy to make half times, we enjoy the games, and the season is not over yet.”

With a deduction added from an incorrect flip flop to the cheerleaders score, it took them out of fifth place. This deduction was a missed call by the judges during the routine, saying one of the girls touched the floor doing a flip flop. Later, when the cheerleaders reviewed the tape, it showed that the move had been done correctly. They showed it to the judges who agreed they had made a mistake, but it was too late to take it back.

Head coach Chris Borzym said, “It’s like a basketball game when a referee makes a bad call. Its human error and nobody’s perfect. We just have to move forward and know we gave it our all.”

He also is looking forward to next year were he will remain the head coach on varsity cheerleading at RB. He plans on making a few changes for next year and become a little more strict. Though he’s staying, the seniors will be leaving.

Borzym said “I can’t thank them enough. I appreciate all the hard work they have put in and I will miss them all.”

Cheerleading is more than just a sport to these senior girls. When asked they all had one thing to say in common and that’s how close they all have become and the friendships they’ve made.   

“As a whole all the seniors are really close. It has been a great experience being with them for all four years,” said senior Kelly Kramer.