William Voorhees
William Voorhees is the newly appointed A&E editor on the Clarion.  When he isn't managing his section, William is a masked vigilante who trys to prevent those awkward moments when two people walk towards each other on the same side of a sidewalk and both try to move out of each other's way.  Even though the local authorities consider him a menace, the majority of the population believes he is a hero who keeps the surrounding community from falling into an awkward disarray.

Currently, William is just a mild mannered senior at Riverside Brookfield High School.  He likes to think of himself as a comedian without any PR or advertising.  He enjoys playing video games, zoology, and hockey.  If you invite him to go see a superhero movie, he cannot decline (unless AquaMan gets a movie).  William is also a senior leader of Anime Club and a member of Eco Club.

William Voorhees can be reached by emailing [email protected].

William Voorhees, A&E Editor

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William Voorhees