‘Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point’ is a dream to play

Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point is a dream to play

William Voorhees, Staff Reporter

It started off as just an ordinary night for Wei Shen, until the dead rose from their graves and kidnapped his girlfriend.

Nightmare in North Point is downloadable content that offers a new single player mode for the open world, action-adventure game Sleeping Dogs.

Once again, you take control of detective Wei Shen, an undercover cop currently working with the Hong Kong Police Department.  While on a date with his girlfriend, something goes horribly wrong.  Fearsome ex-Sun On Yee member Big Scar Wu, also known as Smiley Cat (for his unfortunate demise in the Smiley Cat cat food factory), comes back from the afterlife to exact his revenge.  He does so by abducting Wei’s girlfriend and releasing demons and jiang shi (Chinese hopping vampires) upon the city.

In Nightmare in North Point, you have access to the entire map of Hong Kong, but the DLC, as the title suggests, only takes place in North Point.

In Sleeping Dogs, one of the best features is the combat.  Nightmare in North Point enhances it with a variation of the face meter from the main game.  As you defeat enemies, the meter fills up, and when it reaches the top, your attacks are massively powered up.  This can be very helpful when fighting a large group of jiang shi or a demon.  Something equally as powerful as this are the peach wood swords that are scattered around North Point.  These swords break after a decent amount of use though.

The missions scattered around North Point will have you doing various things, but the majority of them will have you closing jiang shi portals or killing demons.  Jiang shi portals can be closed by throwing a few of the vampires back into the portal, leaving the rest to be quickly disposed of.  Demons are slightly harder to kill.  In order to kill a demon, you must either fill the face meter by defeating a few jiang shi or you must find a peach wood sword.  Completing these missions will give you either new costumes or new vehicles.

While Nightmare in North Point has many upsides, it also has a couple of downsides.  One of the main problems is the length of the game.  Between the story missions and the side missions, there are only about two hours of content.  Another problem is the difficulty.  It is far too easy to defeat enemies, even without the peach wood sword or attack power ups.  They don’t put up nearly enough offense to be a challenge.

All in all, Nightmare in North Point is a fun experience, but it could have been a little bit longer.  It is still a great addition to the game and I would recommend it to anyone who loves Sleeping Dogs.