SEASON PREVIEW: Football captains under the spotlight

SEASON PREVIEW:  Football captains under the spotlight

This year’s football captains have been preparing for life under the lights.

Lauren Kreiss and Mickaela Rivera, Staff Reporters

Clarion had a chance to sit down with the football captains and ask them questions about the beginning of their season.

“I like tackling people,” said Varsity Captain Alex Huffhines.

Before the season started, most of the players went to pre-season practices and camps.

“I went to a lot of camps and pre-seasons practice,” said Freshman Captain Jordan Petronella.

Clarion asked the players about their motivation on what keeps them playing football.

”I like to play for the team and its fun,” said Sophomore Captain Jason Straka.

“I want to win every Friday night,” said Varsity Captain Dylan Beketic. 

“I don’t want to let down the team and try my hardest and impress anyone I can,” said Huffhines.

“To win the playoffs,” said Varsity Captain Tim Potts.

The captains told Clarion that they look forward going to practice and working together as a team.

“I want to make everyone better” Said Varsity Captain Andy Suzuki.

Clarion also asked the captains on what their goals for the season would be. Each one of them had personal goals and team goals as well.

“I really want to win conference,” said Suzuki.

“I want to make a new record,” Said Varsity Captain Mark Musial.

Each captain got voted on by the team and coaches. Every one of them has an important role of being the team captain.

“I want to make sure everyone goes to practice and put all their effort into every practice,” said Sophomore Captain Christian Verdin.

“I want to make sure our team isn’t lazy,” said Petronella.

“Make sure everyone goes to practice and no one fools around,” said Musial.

Clarion asked the captains on what their role of being team captain means.

“Just keep the team up, keep them motivated, and keep them moving,” said Petronella.

During the season, the players have to focus a lot on hitting, defensive plays, offensive plays, and just being a good team mate.

“We need to make sure everyone is doing their part on the team,” said Beketic.

 That’s why Clarion asked the team captains on what is the biggest thing their team should improve on this year.

“Working more together,” said Straka.

“Hitting,” said Petronella.

“Being more serious,” said Musial.

“There is a lot that we need to improve on,” said Varsity Captain Will Potts.

“Discipline,” said Suzuki.

 The boys are working very hard this season and they all are excited on how the season is going to turn out.

At the time of publication,  the varsity team is 1-2, the sophomores are 3-0, and the freshmen are 1-1.