Homecoming: Date or no date?

Homecoming: Date or no date?

Is it better to take a date to Homecoming or go with a group of friends?

Mickaela Rivera, Lauren Kriess, Staff Reporter

When you think of homecoming, you first think of dates. Should I have one, or should I not? Will I be asked, or will no one even want to ask me? These questions are what run through the minds of a teenager about of Homecoming. That’s what we wanted to know: what is better? Having a date, or not having a date?


So what’s the big deal of going to a dance with a date? To start off, you get to wear a corsage or boutineer. It proves that you went with someone. Also you can compare with your friends on who has the cutest corsage or the better looking boutonniere.

It shows that a guy has confidence when he asks a girl to the dance.  It’s intimidating to ask the girl of your dreams to a dance. You have to figure out the best and or most creative way to ask her. Most girls want to be asked creatively. If a guy does, they are almost guaranteed that the girl will go with them.

By having a date, you get to take cheesy cute pictures with your date. When you have a camera pointing at your face and flashes are all around you, you can’t help but smile and cherish the moment.

You get to dance with your date. The last song is the “song of the night.” You can slow dance with your date and enjoy the moment of having the last song with him or her.

No Date

Now what are the pluses that people have when they don’t have a date?  You don’t have to even worry about the “Will I be asked” state of mind. You don’t need to worry about matching with him or her. It’s just you, yourself and no worries about even going with someone.

You get to go with your friends. Being with your friends is an enjoyable time. Taking pictures with just them will be too.

On the dance floor, you don’t have to worry about your date being jealous. You can dance with whomever and just be the party animal that you want to be.  That will then reduce the drama factor if you were to go with a date.

You also don’t need to be worried about abandonment. You don’t need to worry about him or her being too clingy. You also get spared the abandonment feeling if you get ditched throughout the night.

Now you decide what’s better, date or no date?