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    ChangaOct 14, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    I don’t think people should bring a date to Homecoming.
    “You can dance with whomever and just be the party animal that you want to be.”
    The reasoning is, if you don’t have a date, you can have the freedom to do whatever you want.
    In conclusion, people should not bring a date to Homecoming.
    I agree that people should bring dates to Homecoming, but not bringing one has better benefits, because basically you will be stress free when you get there. You will still be able to dance with other people except without the worries of being with a date.
    However, this article is meant to be opinion based, but there is no position being taken here. Both sides of the argument are presented, but there needs to be a stand on one side.

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    Anthony S.Oct 14, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    Bringing a date to homecoming is pointless.
    One should not take a date to homecoming because it is a hassle. Unfortunately, bringing a date to homecoming is not as simple as just bringing a date. Not only does one have to go out and obtain a suit/dress, one must also take those dreaded photos…No one likes to take those awkward pictures when they already have so much anxiety over how both the dance and after plans will go.
    No one should bother to have a date for homecoming because it simply is not worth the trouble.
    I agree with all of the “no date” scenarios as stated in the article by Rivera/Kriess. It is very true, by not bringing a date one can be the “Party Animal” that they wish to be without any consequence. One also does not have to worry about that “clingy date” also mentioned in the article. Everyone likes a bit of space.
    I have news for you…if an ugly guy that you do not even know asks you to homecoming, no matter how creatively, you would say no. The whole “Date” system is completely for social standing, and idf someone of a lesser standing than you were to ask, naturally your answer would be no to avoid lowering your own social standing. Call it shallow, but it is most definitely true. To say that one would be “almost guaranteed” is completely insane. We would all like to think that to be true, but sadly most people are not romantics.

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    rebecca culverOct 14, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Homecoming is better with a date.
    I think homecoming is better with a date. My first reason is you want to spend that night with someone special such as a boyfriend or girlfriend. My evidence is in the article it states that “You can slow dance with your date and enjoy the moment of having the last song with him or her.” My reason is, that although it may be fun to dance with your friends and by yourself you can’t really slow dance with yourself.
    So if a boy /girl asks you to a dance just say yes, you can still have fun.
    I think that having a date to homecoming is nice but not having one has it benefits too. Such as, if you don’t have a date you don’t need to worry about getting a corsage or boutonniere. Besides you only wear them for a night.
    One problem I noticed with article is that it was very wordy at times and not quite to the point, even though it was well written. Even though it told both sides I felt that one side had more evidence then the other. If the authors didn’t know what to write they shouldn’t have repeated things three or four times.

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    LilyOct 14, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Students should not go with dates to the homecoming dance.

    Students should not go with dates to the homecoming dance because bringing someone else along with you will dampen your fun for the evening. When you bring a date, you feel like you have to dance with them and feel bad if you do not. Last year, my friend went with a date to homecoming and ended up trying to avoid him the entire night because he wanted to dance and she did not. Clearly, students have more fun at dances when they do not bring dates.

    When thinking about who to go to homecoming with, do not even consider going with a date.

    I agree with you that it does take a lot for a guy to ask a girl and matchy flowers can be cute.

    However, this is purely opinion and you do not seem to even have one. Also, your article is lacking a conclusion. All your reasons are opposites of each other. For example, you said a plus of having a date was to have a matchy corsage and boutonniere, but then you also said that matching was something you did not have to worry about if you were not going with a date.

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    Draven CalvettiOct 14, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Draven Calvetti
    I think having a date is better then not having one to homecoming.

    Having the time of your life with someone you really like is always a great time. Also if you think asking one girl to dance is hard try asking multiple at the dance its 10x more nerve wrecking.Guys may think asking a girl is hard but if you ask them after the dance 99% of them will say it was worth it
    So I encourage everyone male or female to try to get a date for homecoming!
    On one hand it is great to have a date not having a date has its advantages too. One is not having to be bound to one person. Commitment is great don’t get me wrong but we all see other people that we want to dance with too whether it be guy or girl.
    This article although insightful, this article failed to inspire an opinion. It did not come through if you agreed that a date is nessary or not. So to complete my opinion I would like to ask for yours?

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    Luis VerdinOct 14, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Teenagers should take a date to the homecoming dance. Teenagers should take a date to the homecoming because it’s fun to have a date and take pictures before the dance. Having a date isn’t as complicated as everyone thinks. Their isn’t drama if you bring a date that’s a friend because you both are looking to have a good time. You meet up with your group of friends and your date and you take pictures at someone’s house. Yes, you do have to get a flower and tie to match your date but that takes less than an hour to do. By asking a girl to a dance it shows guts and creativity from the guy. In conclusion, taking a date to dance would be fun and you’ll have an awesome time.In this article the authors state the good and bad side of having a date or not. I do agree with their reasoning in bringing a date it does show creativity and courage but they show no opinion on the topic. If an article is about a specific topic such as; homecoming and bringing a date, then the author should support one of the sides. This isn’t a good clear article on what the author thinks of this topic, homecoming dates.

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