Guys and Dolls premiere

On Thursday March 11 through Sunday March 14, RB students performed in the musical Guys and Dolls. Despite the fact that the students were all crammed onto the little theatre’s stage rather than the usual auditorium stage, all students involved in the production did a great job and the sets looked amazing.

The performance started off with Sarah Brown, played by senior, Stephanie Duve, trying to reach out to the gamblers on the streets of New York with her fellow missionary workers. Meanwhile, Nathan Detroit, played by senior, Zeyne Guzeldereli, is trying to set up a craps game, but having a hard time getting a spot to play the game at.

In order to play the game and keep the gamblers satisfied, Detroit needs to pay the owner of a garage a down payment. Suddenly, legendary gambler Sky Masterson, played by senior, Galen Ryan, comes into the picture. Detroit, in attempt to win the money he needs for the down payment, makes a bet with Sky that he won’t be able to persuade a doll to go with him to Havana. The doll Detroit chooses to involve in the bet is none other than the moral missionary leader, Sarah Brown.

Sky sets off to woo Miss Brown, while Nathan goes to find his fiancé, Adelaide, played by Becky Pendola. Nathan and Adelaide have a very rocky relationship through out the musical with Adelaide struggling to get Nathan to marry her. Meanwhile, back at the mission, Sky and Sarah are get closer and he is eventually able to bring her to Havana. After a long night and a confession of love, the two get into an argument.

Sky tries winning her back by bringing twelve sinners to the mission to impress her boss. After an intense game of craps, Sky follows through on his promise and brings the sinners.

The actors did a great job in capturing the audiences’ complete attention and really getting into character. All characters nailed their solos in every show. The hot box dancers and gangsters nailed every dance from “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat” to “Luck Be A Lady Tonight”.

Check out pictures of the musical!

Cast List: Sky Masterson- Galen Ryan
Sarah Brown- Stephanie Duve
Nathan Detroit- Zeyne Guzeldereli
Miss Adelaide- Becky Pendola
Nicely Nicely Johnson- Kyle Perfect
Benny Southstreet- Jacob Palka
Harry the Horse- Jeremy Fong
Rusty Charlie- Max Marciniak
Angie the Ox- Jaden Cruz
Arvide Abernathy- Katelyn Reynolds
General Cartright- Olivia Toriumi
Big Jule- Drew Kohler
Lt. Brannigan- Nathan Smith
Joey- Connor Halline
MC- Andrew Brondos
Waiter- Dovas Lietuvninkas
Agatha- Theresa Schmidt
Mimi- Sara Nie

Andrew Brondos
Jake Czerak
Connor Halline
Dovas Lietuvninkas
Aron Perfect
Kevin Smaller
Mike Vrablik

Hot Box Dancers:
Molly Chaney
Samantha Friend
Samantha Goldsmith
Mary Heer
Allison Hornung
Lauren Krolasik
Annie Mitchell
Sara Nie
Olivia Toriumi

Tre Edwards
Lauren Hettasch
Grace Mikus
Allison Nicolai
Jeremiah Payne
Lia Purdy
Rachel Ramos
Kaylee Weinert
Masha Yulanova

Melissa Briskman
Diane Marelli
James Baum
Mindy Haines

Student Director:
Lorelei Volpe

Roseanne Marshall

Tom Rusnak

Auditorium Manager:
Deb McClaughlin