Splinter Cell: Conviction better than MW2

Nick Kirkines, Staff Reporter

The stealth-action formula has rarely been changed. Most titles consist of sneak…sneak…sneak…shoot…sneak…sabotage…escape. Many titles rely too heavily on the “shadow” mechanic (hiding in the shadow to avoid detection). One series that has made little headway into rethinking the formula is the Splinter Cell series. Started in 2001 it was revolutionary the ability to hide rather than bust in guns blazing. However this is not 2001 and the latest entry into the prestigious series is a hybrid of all things gamers love (and movie goers) will love.

Splinter Cell Conviction was released April, 16th 2010. Now many people gladly pass this game up in favor of other titles such as the ever popular MW2 or the new Battlefield Bad Company 2. Now this seems like the logical. Pass a game that was not made for multiplayer up for a game that does have multiplayer. However, the truth is, Splinter Cell Conviction is a million times better than other top of the line shootersout to date.

Splinter Cell Conviction is a true hybrid of a game. It combines the stealth of its predecessors, with the agility of Mirrors Edge, the weapon customization of Army of Two, right down to the gun fights of Gears of War.

Unlike many games I have played I found zero frustration with this particular one. It never came off to me as a cheap death when a grenade that I failed to dodge killed me, or when I decided to go Rambo on a room full of bad guys and got riddled with enemy fire.

Splinter Cell has many moments that will leave you wanting to play the same scene over and over agiain. Such as the first time you pull off multiple “Mark and Executes” (the games version of Rainbow Six’s “mark” system) after busting through a door, grabbing a hostage, and coming out unscathed. Or the moment you lurk through the shadows and listen to the enemy talk about how much of a renegade you are.

So if you are searching for a fun game to wean you off of the online gamer craze, or if you are simply looking for a game that comes with a great story and atmosphere, Splinter Cell Conviction is the perfect match.