Hell’s Kitchen Returns

Shawnn Hwang, Staff Reporter

Gordon Ramsay is bringing hell back again. This year is the 8th season of the most intriguing, heart skipping and intense TV series on FOX. A mix of drama, reality and cooking, Hell’s Kitchen is definitely the show were someone can find entertainment. Hosting the show is a four star chef renounced chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Amateur chefs are challenged by Ramsay and must be on par with every request he makes. Every week these chefs will cook and prepare food for celebrities to cooking for several hundreds of people. As each task is complete, the weakest chef will be eliminated every week. The single victor who meets Ramsay’s standards will be granted $250,000 and become the executive chef at a top ranked restaurant.

However, that’s not all why everyone find this show is “heart skipping and intense.”  The whole show is based around Ramsay’s attitude and foul mouth. No one can predict what this superstar chef will do next to test the passion of these aspiring cooks. That’s why this show is so highly rated not only by me but by the nation because it will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Watch as the 16 competitors dwindle and crack under Ramsay’s curses and pressure. New episodes air every Wednesdays at 8pm-don’t miss it!