MTV’s new show Skins causes controversy

MTVs new show Skins causes controversy

Julia Reyes

A new series called ‘Skins’, which just aired on MTV last month, is causing much controversy.  According to some critics, the show is too racy for its audience and is on the edge of being considered child pornography.

The show is supposed to explain the life of an “All American Teenager” which I believe is nothing but an overrated stereotype. The cast includes nine teenage boys and girls who each have their own unique stories. So far each episode goes into the life of one character, their background, and who they are now. Every teen has problems of their own which can range from substance abuse, to dysfunctional families, to mental illnesses like eating disorders.

A lot of discussion has gone into if the show is not suitable for MTV’s viewers. MTV has even lost sponsors due to keeping the show on air. Some lost sponsors include Schick Hydro and Taco Bell who have completely pulled their ads. The cast members ages range from fifteen to twenty, which is raising eyebrows due to the stunts and scenes they are in that they may not be suitable for minors.

To be sure, the program is a little more “out there” then most shows but it is entertaining, and shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, also on MTV, also promote bad behavior. Even sponsors backed off when Jersey Shore first aired but it was able to stay showing on MTV. In a way it is just trying to be realistic although Skins may overdo it a bit. Not every teenager or I even think majority of teens act out as much as the cast does on Skins.

Before the show starts there is an obvious warning that the show is rated MA, for mature audiences. The show is also is in a late time slot which helps keep it from younger audiences. It is a scripted show that is not showing actual actions by these kids.  MTV has mostly reality shows and wants to bring back a scripted show into their programs