Name of the Wind blew my mind

Name of the Wind blew my mind

Nick Fremgen, Staff reporter

Patrick Rothfuss’s book, gives an exciting tale about a young man, Kvothe, who tries to survive in Middle Age’s type of life. A major difference from the Middle Age’s is the involvement of magic.

Name of the Wind tells an innkeeper’s life story. Its starts off when Kvothe is a boy traveling in his family’s troupe, learning how to become a musician and an actor. An Arcanist who joins their troupe, and spurs Kvothe curiosity about magic. As they travel, the Arcanist teaches him the basics of magic until a tragic event happens. It causes him to go to the town of Tarbean, where he lives on the street, stealing and begging for money to survive.  During his time in Tarbean, he learns to be tough and ingenuitive. 

After three years of living in Tarbean, Kvothe realizes that he wants to go to a university that teaches magic and other basic things, like medicine, and crafting. He sets off to the University where he quickly makes a rival with another student which later causes trouble..   The story also switches back to the inn keeper who has to deal with a few things in his life, giving the story a second perspective.

Name of the Wind gives you the story of a life from the view point of a poor man. Who rises up and becomes a person who is told about in stories. This book makes you think about your mind in a whole new way. Some of the mental exercises talked about in the book made my mind tingle. This made me enjoy the book. One of those exercises was to play hide and seek with your mind. Half of your mind would hide a stone in an imaginary room, and the other half looked for it.

 Overall I really enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read its sequel, The Wise Man’s Fear.  Rating: 10 out of 10